Harmonie, Laurent Chehere Flying Houses

Laurent Chéhère

Site internet de l’artiste Laurent Chéhère

« En mixant photographie traditionnelle et manipulation numérique, sa série surréaliste Flying Houses élève l’architecture à un niveau jamais vu. L’artiste isole des bâtiments de leur contexte urbain et les libère de leur environnement étouffant. Les maisons volent ainsi dans les nuages, tels des cerfs-volants.

Inspiré par une vision poétique du vieux Paris et par le célèbre court-métrage Le Ballon rouge d’Albert Lamorisse, Laurent Chéhère a parcouru les quartiers de Belleville et de Ménilmontant en posant son regard sur leurs maisons typiques et « fatiguées ». Les images de l’artiste saisissent une lévitation inattendue : maintenues au sol par des mains invisibles, comme autant de ballons retenus par des fils, ces anciennes bâtisses flottent dans le ciel, glissant sur la surface, elles nous dévoilent leur beauté cachée. » (suite de l’article sur le site ArtActuel)

« Laurent Chéhère is an award-winning French photographer known for his commercial work for clients such as Audi and Nike. He left the advertising industry to travel the world and along the way was born his flying houses series, a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and suspended in the sky as if permanently airborne. » (read the entire article on Muriel Guepin Gallery’s website)

« Laurent Chéhère only began exhibiting his photography in 2012—before then, he was solely known as an award-winning editorial and commercial photographer. A shift in interest led Chéhère to leave advertising behind to travel around the world. It was during this that he began to kindle his love for architecture and its narrative possibilities. Chéhère’s most famous series, titled “Flying Houses” (2012–), is comprised of fictional buildings suspended above backdrops of clouded skies. Each image is a composite of up to a dozen real buildings, homes, tents, and trailers that Chéhère has photographed in similar lighting conditions, and composited using Photoshop. Chéhère describes the series as a means to help buildings tell their stories, whether “real or not, funny or sad.” (from Artsy)

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Sans Titre, Myeongbeom Kim

becauseartis-Myeong Beom Kim-Untitled Mixed media. 28 X 28 X 61 (cm) 11 X 11 X 24 (inch)
Becauseartis – Myeong Beom Kim – Untitled Mixed media. 28 X 28 X 61 (cm) 11 X 11 X 24 (inch)

Myeongbeom Kim

Site internet de l’artiste Myeongbeom Kim


« A Conversation with the world:

Introspections in Raptures through a Dialogue
Jang, Minhan ( Seoul Museum of Art, Senior Curator)

At the moment we feel beauty, we are happy. Happiness makes us think over moments and eternity, and simultaneously reflects the world that gives us beauty. Kim, Myeongbeom’s work, composed of objects easily found in our surroundings, is delicately arranged and so captures our attention. A tree floating in the air held by countless red balloons; a stuffed deer with wide spreading antlers; the huge bough of a tree, with acupuncture needles; a crutch linked to a deer leg – all these make us feel a sense of life. Each is within the combination of many objects from our everyday surroundings, conveying metaphorical assertions. The combination of two objects brings about a poetic structure, allowing viewers to discover new meaning. Kim forms an abstruse relation with the world, approaching it in his own way. We can understand his aesthetic and ways of reading the world by noting this relation. » (Read the entire article on Paris Beijing Gallery’s website)


Quelques mots sur lui..

Dans la presse « Étrange rêverie »

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Lego Street Art

Jan Vormann

Because Art is -JAn Vormann -lego_street_art_3Plastic construction bricks, Dimension vary

Plastic construction pieces are used to repair and fill holes in broken walls. Thanks to the generous support of numerous foundations, organisations and privates, a worldwide network of participation has since been created.

Plastikbausteine werden verwendet um Löcherin schadhaftem Mauerwerk zu füllen. Mithilfeder großzügigen Unterstützung von Stiftungen,Organisationen und vielen Einzelpersonen prägten sich ein weltweites, partizipatives Eventund Netzwerk aus.

Avec des briques de construction en plastique, les trous dans des murs détériorés sont réparés. Grâce au soutien généreux de nombreuses organisations, fondations et participations privées, un réseau mondial et participatif s’est formé.



Extract of the dispatchers manifest :

« Dispatchwork does not defy deterioration. Rather, it aims to emphasize transitoriness as a chance for the construction and reconstruction of our environments. Adapting to various cities, the project infiltrates walls of cultural heritage, historic facades, fortifications and yet many more less spectacular corners as a colorful repair of shabby walls within our shared spaces. »


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Crepe nel tempo (Des fissures dans le temps)

becauseartis - Michal-Rovner-Crepe-nel-Tempo-detail-2009

Michal Rovner, Crepe nel tempo (detail), 2009

Mortar, pigments, video projection and audio, Dimensions variable, ©Michal Rovner – Détail de la projection vidéo  » Des fissures dans le temps », Crepe nel tempo.

« Michal Rovner (Israeli, b.1957) is a renowned painter, photographer, video artist, and writer who exhibits a varied and evocative body of work. Rovner offers a seamless blend of photography, video, digital art, and painting, in order to express the intensity of her personal experience while applying appropriate symbolism to reflect the broader human condition. Rovner was born in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and began her adult education at Tel Aviv University.  » (artnet link)

Michal Rovner website.

Michal Rovner main Gallery (Pace Gallery).

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The World is in Itself

becauseartis -The world is IN ITSELF_carolyn Porras

The World is in Itself
Gouache, Hologram Paper, Colored Pencil
28″ x 35″
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