Stacks of you

Stacks of you - Moonassi - Daehyun Kim - Because Art Is
Moonassi – Daehyun Kim, Stacks of you – (Des piles de vous), June 2013 29.5 x 42cm, Ink on paper (Encre sur papier)

Daehyun Kim, aussi connu sous son nom d’artiste Moonassi, est un artiste Coréen né à Séoul en 1980.

Daehyun Kim, known as his artist name Moonassi, is a Korean artist born in Seoul in 1980.

« I was born in Seoul in 1980, now live and work in Seoul. I studied oriental painting which is a study on the traditional East Asian painting. I’ve been drawing Moonassi series since university. The series is my life-time project. There is no specific background story or a theory about the drawing. Each drawing is created based on my daily thoughts and feelings. I draw to meditate on myself and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end. »

Je suis né à Séoul en 1980, et y vis et travaille actuellement. J’ai étudié la peinture orientale qui est une formation sur les peintures traditionnelles d’Asie de l’Est. Je dessine les séries Moonassi depuis l’université. Les séries sont mon véritable projet de vie. Il n’y a pas d’histoire de fond spécifique ou de théorie précise développé dans mes dessins. Chaque dessin est créé en fonction de mes pensées et émotions quotidiennes. Je dessine pour méditer sur moi-même ou sur les autres, autant que pour être à même de visualiser l’ensemble de l’histoire de cette série à son terme.

Quote from the artist website, translation by Because Art Is. (See more artworks Here) – Citation du site internet de l’artiste, traduite par Because Art Is. (Voir plus d’oeuvres Ici)

Discover Moonassi’s interview on Artchipel (Here) – Découvrez une interview sur le site internet Artchipel (ici).

Illustrations and books (here) – Illustrations et livres (ici).

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Sans Titre, Myeongbeom Kim

becauseartis-Myeong Beom Kim-Untitled Mixed media. 28 X 28 X 61 (cm) 11 X 11 X 24 (inch)
Becauseartis – Myeong Beom Kim – Untitled Mixed media. 28 X 28 X 61 (cm) 11 X 11 X 24 (inch)

Myeongbeom Kim

Site internet de l’artiste Myeongbeom Kim


« A Conversation with the world:

Introspections in Raptures through a Dialogue
Jang, Minhan ( Seoul Museum of Art, Senior Curator)

At the moment we feel beauty, we are happy. Happiness makes us think over moments and eternity, and simultaneously reflects the world that gives us beauty. Kim, Myeongbeom’s work, composed of objects easily found in our surroundings, is delicately arranged and so captures our attention. A tree floating in the air held by countless red balloons; a stuffed deer with wide spreading antlers; the huge bough of a tree, with acupuncture needles; a crutch linked to a deer leg – all these make us feel a sense of life. Each is within the combination of many objects from our everyday surroundings, conveying metaphorical assertions. The combination of two objects brings about a poetic structure, allowing viewers to discover new meaning. Kim forms an abstruse relation with the world, approaching it in his own way. We can understand his aesthetic and ways of reading the world by noting this relation. » (Read the entire article on Paris Beijing Gallery’s website)


Quelques mots sur lui..

Dans la presse « Étrange rêverie »

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