About Because Art Is

Because Art Is,
Discover an artwork every week..

Because Art makes us laugh, smile and cry.. We will share an artwork with you every week .. If you enjoy it, help your friends to get in touch with Because Art is!

We are organizing exhibitions and interactive events. If you like what we promote on the blog, and..
.. If you’ve got a nice empty space, dedicated to art or not,
.. If you’re an Art Gallery and want to invite us as Independant Curators ponctually,
.. If you’ve got a nice professionnal artistic work individually or as a group, and would like to propose a project,
… please put you in touch with our team at : contact °@° becauseartis.com


Thanks to you!

Art lover, Art worker, Art engaged.


Find us:

And of course here : www.becauseartis.com


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