Crepe nel tempo (Des fissures dans le temps)

becauseartis - Michal-Rovner-Crepe-nel-Tempo-detail-2009

Michal Rovner, Crepe nel tempo (detail), 2009

Mortar, pigments, video projection and audio, Dimensions variable, ©Michal Rovner – Détail de la projection vidéo  » Des fissures dans le temps », Crepe nel tempo.

« Michal Rovner (Israeli, b.1957) is a renowned painter, photographer, video artist, and writer who exhibits a varied and evocative body of work. Rovner offers a seamless blend of photography, video, digital art, and painting, in order to express the intensity of her personal experience while applying appropriate symbolism to reflect the broader human condition. Rovner was born in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and began her adult education at Tel Aviv University.  » (artnet link)

Michal Rovner website.

Michal Rovner main Gallery (Pace Gallery).

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