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Icon, by Evelyn Bencicova, Photography, February 2015

Evelyn Bencicova is a photographer and artistic director from Bratislava, working in Berlin. Only a few informations are available online about her work. So, we decided to share a part of an interview that you can read on  » the culture trip  » website. (see bellow)

Evelyn Bencicova est photographe et directrice artistique née à Bratislava et travaillant à Berlin. Peu d’informations décrivent son oeuvre en ligne. Vous trouverez donc ci-dessous le lien vers une interviews complète paru dans  » the culture trip « . (Ci-dessous un extrait)

Pour voir les photos, to see the pictures : Evelyn Bencicova website


« Geometries of Nudity: Evelyn Bencicova’s Raw Photography

An emerging young talent from Bratislava, Natalia Evelyn Bencicova (b. 1992) is a promising visual creative whose work explores mixed media with photography. Currently studying in Vienna, she works mostly with digital photography, actively pursuing a point where the commercial and the artistic meet. We talk to Evelyn about her life, art and philosophy.

TCT: Thanks for joining us here, Evelyn. Tell us – what’s your story?

E: In very few words: I want to communicate the things that I see through the medium of photography. With each project I’m trying to bring something new and innovative at least for me, to educate myself and go deeper into the topics which I consider interesting. My life is about getting inspired and my work about delivering this inspiration further.

What do you care about the most when taking photographs?

Most of my work happens before the photoshoot. A journey from the original idea to the final picture is usually very long and complicated in staged photography, which is what I do. It includes concept development, research, production, creative direction, the scouting of faces and locations, styling, hair and make-up plus whole process of organization and communication. Everything is important. Even if I try to cover a large part of this myself, there are a lot of amazing people who always help and support me, first and foremost my close friend Adam Csoka Keller, as well as many others, without whom most of my projects would not have been possible. Normally we work without any budget in very improvised conditions. I believe that most of creativity is born out of discomfort and lack of resources, when you are forced to invent new solutions. Anyway, I would never exchange the exciting and free atmosphere of our shoots for anything else! »

(entire article here / La suite ici )

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